Business planning

Business Consulting

Business planning is a process including the creation of a mission and an aim of the company, as well as the definition of strategies to be used for their achievement. The process of business planning covers multiple aspects or it can be directed to some specific functions within the whole corporative structure. Business planning includes the use of the company resources in order to promote the preparation and the implementation of the plan.

In developing a business plan there are several stages and the business planning is the main task. Launching a new company includes he execution of at least a basic plan, defining the objectives of the company, its future activity, its basic internal sturcture and external environment (the presence of  resource security, clients, providers, regulatory legislation, tax-insurance requirements) where the company activity will be developed.

Every business needs a research, a careful evaluation of all known factors, as well as evaluation of its potential and the results from different opportunities the company has at its disposal.

Depending on the specific activity and the size of the company this process may need some reports and references, some of them are relatively simple and others extremely complicated and detailed. Despite all this, the main task of business planning to give clarifications to external creditors (banks, shareholders, etc.) and to assist the entrepreneur in his judgment in starting a new business, launching new products or acquiring competitors.

Sample structure of a Business Plan preparation: